A Global Awareness Network
A Conscious Earth &
The Awareness Channel
podcasts, video library of Spiritual Teachers from around the world and Community Networking.
Registered Nutritional Therapist
Dawn Clark, Registered Nutritional Therapist
You are what you eat.  Dealing successfully with ADD, Alchoholism, Stress and every day Energy levels.
Television, Animation & Post Production Producer
The professional site of a national & international broadcast, animation and DVD direct-to-home producer.
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Saracino Designs
The organized fashion lovers dream come true!  You just have to see these limited edition designer hand bags created specifically for you.
Professional site of national & international Art Director.
Artist, Art Director, Designer & Photographer
The professional site of a regional, national & international visual communicator. His entire collection of work to date.
Rare & one of a kind. You've GOT to see these!
Glass Etched Commissions
These are not just ordinary acid or computer made etchings.  Each one is exclusively etched by hand making it a rare, one of a kind collectable.
TV/broadcast, advertising, retail boutique.
inspirtainment inc
This ambitious boutique production company creates programming that both inspires and entertains nationally and internationally.
"Lighten Up!" says Flo.
Creating FLOW in your life!
Must see pieces of artwork.
The deClutter Fairy
Is the cat's litter box in your prosperity corner? Decluttering the Feng Shui Way with a  certified Feng Shui (energy) practitioner.  A must see!
Soul Water Energy Works
Feng Shui your home, office or even your web site to improve the energies in and around them.  A centuries old practice by a Feng Shui practitioner.
Wands & Whimsy
These Princess, Magic, Energy, Posh Wands & Talking Sticks are not your ordinary wands.  These are rare quality art pieces made by a true artist.

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Message from Laura: Your arriving at this web site must mean we share the same passion for acknowledging, exploring and utilizing our sixth sense connection.
Laura Heselton
International Spiritual Medium.
Based in Zurich, Switzerland
& working globally through
workshops, mediumship and
past life sessions.

To attract the right audience, MediaWorks! capitalized on our broadcast experience when they approached us for Name Generation, logo & site design.

ECO Transitions
An initiative of two certified nutritional practitioners to help
inspire & educate kids to make conscious nutrutional choices to keep body & planet healthy.

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How do you put 5 companies on 1 site tastefully?
Milana is a multi-talented individual offering 5 areas of interest to the public. We simply made sure it all fit harmoniously.
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Acts Of Joy
The world is all negative, what can you do? This is our answer and our message ~ inspire people to Be(the)Cause of something positive.

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King Cole Ducks
Served the world over!  On cruise ships, in restaurants, hotels and resorts. World class product from a world class company just outside of Toronto, Canada.

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Rhino's Roadhouse
A Legendary Rice Lake Landmark! Home cooked food, retro chairs, fresh flowers and cream pies across from the lake in Northumberland Hills, Ontario.

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Gerard Canada
"Metal roofing isn't what it used to be!" Videos, slideshows & photos about stone-coated steel tiles with each page showing a different sample tile background.

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Incredible Healing Journals
This is a site not to be missed.
A project by Lisa Robbins - BScHN, RHN, CTT empowering information that will change your beliefs about cancer forever.

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Keeping Life Simple
Transform your life by living each moment in a true state of awareness. We created the Wordmark, Site design and water photography.

Original WEB designs - some use our unique Feng Shui Analysis
Click on any picture to see a larger image.  We keep growing, so stay in touch!
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Deborah Van Pelt
The loss of a loved one is a very emotional time. Deborah is a dedicated, licenced Pre- Planning Advisor who understands your unique needs.

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Monique van Wel Designs
Complete Feng Shui'd Logo and Web design. The simple elegance of this site combined with our own "magazine-stye" layout is a must see!

Script-driven animation - click to see larger image
Four Seasons Parenting
Another Logo and Web design using our Feng Shui analysis. The subtle animated logo is 'script-driven' not Flash so it is read nicely on all browsers.

Master Heart Magazine
You have found a site like no other! The world is searching for answers and they not only present BALANCED solutions, but focus on how they apply.

Bellizzi Broadway Catering
Serving New York City and the Five Boroughs for Corporate and Custom Services. Authentic Italian, American & Continental cuisine for over 20 years.

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Community Works
Community Works in Hamilton Township (cwiht) is more than a food bank. WAVE joyfully provided their logo, website, hosting and video promo's.

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