Get your very own Video and talk directly to your market!
We offer you personalized shooting in the comfort of your own home or company, editing, graphics and so much more.

Don't worry
, with our 30+ years in television, we can make you feel comfortable enough to forget the camera. Plus, we have a teleprompter [click to see photo] so you can read your own script. We can help you with the writing & you get to practice before we shoot making it all look natural and you get to be yourself, with real emotion, nuances, and body language that can't be expressed in text.

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WHERE can you use your Video? Reuse Opportunities.
Your video can be displayed on sites like YouTube then embedded on your website, the extranet, intranet, embedded or linked to a press release, email newsletter, sent to investors, and encouraged to spread on other websites. For those in Integrated Marketing, you'll love this.

Speak in person to the whole world across time
Since the web is global (and the top medium in the workplace in North America) it can be easily found and shared across distances and is saved in the internet for access over time.
Some theories suggest that the content over the long term is more effective than big media buys. How many people can you or the corporate CEO reach by giving a speech? 10? 100? 1000? On the web you can reach mass audiences on their own time.

Talk directly to the 'people'
Frankly, we all get sick of press releases talking about individuals or company CEOs in the third person, or corporate bios talking about an executive.
With online video you come to the 'edge' of the company to have a real conversation with the marketplace.
It's real, with real emotion, nuances, and body language that can't be expressed in text.

Why be the shadowy figure that keeps 10 to 100 people from trying to read the notes you're reading to them from your slide projector when you can be an engaging and inspiring storyteller with exactly the right visual support, seen by tens of thousands anytime they want?

Original VIDEO Production
- we have 30+ years in TV production and broadcast design with major North American networks and production companies and can offer you personalized shooting, editing, graphics and so much more for your special projects.

CLICK this list of links for Mary & Paul's background information:
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1. Company/Personal overview. This is a general "Hello" video to give viewers and potential clients and customers an overview of your product(s) or service(s). These are best kept to 1-2 minutes long to encourage easy and quick viewing to 'get to know you'.
Invite them to a web site for more detailed information or tell them about another video that goes into more details about one particular product or service.

2. A How-To video.
This is self-explanatory. Show the world how to preserve peaches, sew that article, put together that device, clean something, use that service, draw, paint, cook ... you get the idea. These can range from a company or entrepreneur oriented video to a personal project that you feel people will benefit from.

3. Press release video.
Show how the new product or service is used by real customers, thus creating better stories for the journalists.

4. Product launch.
Do like everybody else and make campaign sites with slick video commercials etc. But the smarter companies also produce more viral videos that are spread via YouTube and other video communities, blogs and media sites. Before the launch, make a video about your product development challenges where you build hype around the problem that your product solves. When you launch it, post a video that does not look like a commercial but shows the product in a documentary way when it is used by real people.

5. Inventor video.
Much like a product launch. Make a video about your invention. Show product development challenges where you build hype around the problem that your product solves. Post a video that does not look like a commercial but shows the invention in a documentary way when it is used by real people in real situations. If it's an invention that can't yet be shown in a physical form, my years creating and directing animation and motion graphics can clearly illustrate the product as you explain it live.

6. Mini-Doc. (Documentary)
Do you or your group have an interesting activity or cause that is best documented being performed or covered by 'showing' the public the affects.
For instance, the Aztec dancers (sample above) are best 'seen' in action rather than simply trying to explain what they do. 'Seeing' something will do much more to gain public support for your cause than just talking about it. Both examples are much more engaging.

7. FAQ-videos and support screen cast.
Use the superiority of video to give answers to frequently asked questions and explain how you or your product or service works. Put them on your support web site and email them to customers that call in with problems.

8. Staff presentation.
Notice how most consultancy firms proudly state that "our staff is our most valuable asset"? Yet they present them with just a name, title and department. Imagine instead 45-second personal video presentations where the staff describe their background and experience, how they work now and what makes them tick! It's far better for boosting relations and the corporate brand.

9. Testimonials from happy customers and employees.
A real customer describing how their life was improved by a product or service is a lot more credible than a slick ad with studio shots of beautiful pretending models.

10. Instruction video.
Why have companies not noticed the explosion of "How to" video sites with short video tutorials about everything under the sun? This is a very good way of both decreasing your support costs and building brands.

11. Video blog 'Vlog'.
Speak in person to the whole world. Encourage your associates or employees to document things that customers or other employees could benefit from seeing and post it. Reports from business trips, development labs, attended conferences etc.

12. UGC campaign.
User Generated Content, where customers send in videos on how they use the products or services. This creates marketing ambassadors and an image of a company that listens to its customers.

13. Recruitment video.
How do you entice people to apply for work at your company? Especially the younger generation who doesn't read endless texts or brochures. Create short, up to date videos where HR shows what it's like to work here, and interview some of the employees. Here's how Google did it!

14. Internal communication. Replace some of the streams of internal email communications with video. For example, the sales manager's weekly follow-up of the sales reps is more effective if they can hear and see the sales manager.

15. Company policies.
Use video to explain all those rules and policies about security, vacation, sick leave, travel etc. Interview those that are responsible and show how they should be used and the benefits. This motivates the employees better than those Word-documents with bulleted rules on the company intranet!

16. Events, lectures & seminars.
Increase the audience for your speeches, record your conferences and seminars then post edited versions afterwards to prolong the value. Also use short videos to promote the event in advance, interviewing the organizer and make people want to go there or follow it on internet.

17. Conversation/Interview/Talk show.
Think value for your target group. Invite an interesting person or number of people for a relaxed chat about a current issue. Do this weekly or bi-weekly and build valuable relations and position yourselves as authorities in your area.

18. Crisis communication.
Prepare before it happens: a disgruntled customer posts a video showing a weakness in your product or service. Balance things out: make your own video response and post it in the same channels, as well as on your web site.

19. Knowledge bank & internal training.
Interview your experts on how they solved various problems, post it into an internal knowledge data base on your intranet and make it easy to search. This creates valuable assets out of your organization's skills.

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Mini-Doc (11:55)
Aztec Dance Troupe
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How To (10:00)
Canning Peaches
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Music (2:31)
Pam Gerrand music video
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13 Interviews (6:33)
On Location - Retreat
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Video Blog (3:42)
Bi-Weekly Vlog
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Animation (1:00)
Earth Day - A Limerick
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Animation (:21)
Happy New Year
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Unique Launch (3:06)
Online Magazine
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If you have an invention or demo you would like to show investors or potential clients and nothing physical to show yet - no worries.

We can
  1. Graphically illustrate your idea along with a video of you explaining it or
  2. Build it in the computer like this retail store 'fly-through'.
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Event Shoot 01 (3:00)
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Band Promo (8:00)
'TimeLine' on Location
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Activism (4:08)
Puppy Mill Rescues
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Education (Turtles) (6:00)
Eggs & Close-up Footage
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If a picture is worth 1,000 words,
How many words is a video worth?
Click to see our TV Commercial & Broadcast work from the archives.
Author's Video (4:00) *Click to BUY THE BOOK*
EmPOWERed YOUth a Hay House Publication from Authors Michael Eisen & Jeffrey Eisen.
Two Generations ~ Parallel Lives...
A Father and Son's Journey to Conscious Living.

Activism/Non Profit (6:00)
Big Dreams ~
Humane Society of Durham Region
The dreams and success stories of the Humane Society of Durham Region since the tragic fire of 2008.

Please give generously:

Artist's Video (6:00)
Shirley Bankey creates unique & compelling
water colour art pieces with paper embossing.
Her heart-centred work is an elegant combination of meaningful symbolism.

Event Video (3:00)
The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Awards
Cobourg, Ontario - September 13, 2012
In recognition of remarkable citizen volunteer contributions within their communities.
The Award is administered by the Office of the Governor General of Canada.


Stop Motion (2:00)
Inspired by this quote:
"The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the ABUNDANCE of those who have much - it is whether we provide enough for those who have little."
~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

Charity Event Video (2:00)
The 2012 Rice Lake Charity Poker Run
for Children's Wish - raising $14,600.00
A heart-pounding 120mph shoot across open water in rain and choppy conditions.

Our Own Demo Video (2:00)
Just for the Art of it!
Two Minutes showing the many areas of interest and subjects we enjoy covering.

Opens a new window to see the TV segment
Broadcast Television Interview 
Get to know the founders of Wave Videos, inspirtainment & Master Heart
Inspirational Film, Video & Image Development Specialists
MARY GIUFFRE & PAUL L. CLARK sidestepped mainstream media to work from the Heart.

Highlight Your Service (2:40)
Bev Lewis, Owner/Senior Mediator
Positive Solutions Divorce Services
Bev clearly lays out how to have a less stressful, cost effective divorce experience resulting in a positive outcome in a reasonable amount of time.

Children's Book Video (2:00)
Scribble & Grin: 53 Rhymes for Inspiring Times
Created and Written by Mary Giuffre &
Paul L. Clark - This is much more than just a children's book. It helps kids master their environment and touches on everyday social behaviour such as bullying, shyness and fitting in. There's lots of humour and hillarious sketches.


Company CEO (6:00)
B&F Airport Systems Inc.
CEO Franz Metzler explains airport baggage systems and the important role his company plays in this world-wide industry.

We shot this using "greenscreen" and inserted all the backgrounds later in editing to create a VERY interesting corporate video.