"Riding the WAVE ...

WAVE, fantastic job on the new King Cole Ducks web site. As you know heading into the project, I had experienced difficulty finding a resource that could understand what the client needed to accomplish and execute in a manner befitting a leading, Canadian (food) success story.  And you nailed it!  From the killer first impression of the landing page, through the wide range of products and uses, this site is informative, entertaining, easy to read and most important of all: simple to navigate.  Not only is King Cole thrilled, but their many customers, members of the media, etc., have commented on its user-friendliness.
My only question to you: "When can we begin the next one?!"

Craig Thompson, President
The Tangerine Group

"Yes, there are many web designing companies out there.  However Wave has an advantage of possessing one superior ingredient that others are missing, a dynamic duo of Paul Clark and Mary Giuffre.  Two extremely talented and highly intuitive individuals, each one is an artist in his/her own field. 
Mary has an uncanny ability to take your thoughts and feelings and put them into words in such a way that will leap out and grab your client's attention.  Paul's ability to tune into his client's artistic needs and emerge himself in their vision is unparalleled. 
As an artist/photographer I often have difficult time with other people's interpretation of my thoughts, as I can visualize my ideas to their finest detail and know exactly what the end result must look like.  When Paul sent me his final proofs, I felt as if I was looking at my own thoughts materialized.  Not only were they easy to work with, maintained great communication and worked within my budget, but also incorporated all 5 of my different businesses and into one website design!"

Milana Vinokur
Spiritual Coach/Intuitive, Animal Empath, Photographer

"Thanks again for an amazing time working together on my totally awesome new logo and website!!  To have them both created with "Feng Shui" recommendations included, which really represent ME is just Amazing!!  How connected can I be with my business!! Just perfect!! Thanks again!"

Monique van Wel
Goldsmith & Jewellery Designer, Monique Van Wel Designs

"Soooo, you want a new image, you want a new brand, and you want a new business card design.  Well, when Mary approached me about getting a new business card designed, it was exactly what I had in my plans.  Talk about the 'Law of Attraction' ~ had been thinking about getting a new business card, but had not done it yet.  At that time I was still using my own design that I had made up myself and had been printing my own.  Mary and Paul helped me put together what was unique to me.  Something that says who I am and what I do with some fun attached to it...and yes there is an 's' in D's and yes there are 2 'k's' in Bookkeeping.  Mary and Paul helped me through designing a new business card step by step and were very patient with my need for perfection.  Then, they went above and beyond by helping to bring my business card design into my website and onto my banner.  You guys are awesome.  Thanks lots."

Denise Franklin, Professional Bookkeeper
D's Bookkeeping

"The professionalism and expertise is what I most needed from WAVE for my website and Mary & Paul delivered just that!  They have been absolutely marvellous helping me and working with my ideas, or should I say have been absolutely marvellous at listening and offering me great ideas.
Knowing exactly what to do for me and to make me feel comfortable, was what made me feel safe in their care.
I am not tech savvy and could not even articulate exactly what I needed and Mary's helpful tips and words of wisdom guided me ever so gently through the process.  What a wonderful team you are!"

Deborah Van Pelt
 Pre Planning Advisor, Mount Pleasant Group of Cemeteries

"A 'beautiful, simple, elegant, clean and fresh' web site!!! (Just to give you some of the immediate and extremely complimentary feedback I personally received!)  It flows like water and reflects the colourful potent energy in all of us, which is waiting to be discovered by getting lovingly and professionally Feng Shui designed Website!!!  I adore my site and I love Mary and Paul and the way they work!"

Laura Heselton
 International Spiritual Medium & Motivational Workshop Leader

"Mary was able to feel my energy and read my taste.  The colours she chose flow smoothly into a clean and professionally designed website that encompasses both my personality and my needs.  I love it AND I'm getting commissioned orders!!"

 Fine Artist, Wands & Whimsy Designs

"I have worked with Mary for almost 20 years.  During this time she's taken charge of making the decisions for whatever we're working on and how it should look.  So, it was no surprise to me when she became a Certified Practitioner of Feng Shui, as she's been doing it naturally all her life!
When I needed a website for my new business, Mary Feng Shui'd it for me.  She gave me my color combinations, told me what they represented and then I made my choices (well, really, Mary did, I just agreed with her cause she's always right!).  But I really do love the colors she chose, they are me.  She knows the real me better than I do.
There simply isn't anything this woman can't do!  And she feels it and believes it with all her heart and soul.  You can't go wrong having Mary Feng Shui your life, personally or professionally!"

Marsha Garelick, President & iMAGician
iMAGination Media, N.Y. New York


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