WAVE provides a wide range of Promotional Tools for use Online and in Print as well as assistance for those of you who have difficulty finding your way around all the free tools available to promote your business online.

For those interested in further business enhancements, we also offer energizing Feng Shui services for Office, Websites and Logos.

Image Development | Graphic Design | Video ~

Harnessing the essence of an individual, a company and/or service and the strategic focusing of your promotional needs is what Image Development is all about!  We spend time getting to know you: Your personality, likes & dislikes, expertise, services and anything else you want to tell us about.
(Within reason of course! LOL!)

Website Design ~
We design, create and maintain a fully functioning website according to your needs.

Promotion Materials ~

Print to Digital, WAVE designs Logos, Ads & Banners, Business Cards, Brochures, Newsletters etc. for use in newspapers, magazines, flyers, and any other print or online format.

Original and Stock Photography ~

We provide original photography services and have an extensive photo library of our own.  We can also research stock photos online.

Photo Manipulation ~

When the photo you have isn't exactly what you need, we can change the background, add or eliminate people or combine two or more shots into one.  We can enhance the colour, brighten the image or turn the shot to black and white.  If you have other ideas we can probably manage those too!
Writing ~

You provide the content points and we'll write your website or promo copy using a proven style* that allows people to review your subject matter with ease.
*30-years of experience writing television promo's lends itself perfectly to web and print projects.

Content and Research ~

If you need assistance with the content of your site or project, we can do online research and help you formulate just the right message.

Name Generation ~

If you have a great business or product idea, but can't come up with a name that fits, we can help!  We'll wordsmith it until you have exactly what you're looking for to instantly communicate the subject and attitude to the public. 
Here's an example:
A company that wants to both 'inspire' and 'entertain' ...
= inspirtainment inc.

Motion Graphics ~
WAVE can Animate your Logo or one we design for you. We also create eye catching Graphic Ads and Slide Shows that add flare to any online project.

Newsletters ~

or Print Newsletters  
We will design a format that you can change with ease.

Promotional Items ~

We've applied our designs to everything from Vehicle Wraps to Base Ball Caps and have sourced the best prices for Tee Shirts, Post Cards, Etched Glass Awards or anything else you can think of to promote your business.

Web Hosting, E-Mail and Tech Support ~

We highly recommend our associates at Syntaxis Online.  They have great rates for small businesses and provide prompt and easy to understand tech support.  We're also, happy to upload your site to the host of your choice.

Energize Your Business with Feng Shui ~

The purpose of modern Feng Shui is to find the best environmental arrangement to live and work up to your fullest potential ~ physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  With the proper application, Feng Shui can improve your personal magnetism; elevate your effectiveness; increase your ability to attract wealth, as well as enhance your health and relationships

Mary Giuffre combines Feng Shui with her graphic design experience to create energized Promotional Materials for your business.

Feng Shui for Website, Logo or Office ~

We assess your on-line environment, company logo or office then provide recommendations for the best possible flow of energy.  Remember Websites are your home online!

Feng Shui Personal or Partnership Profiles ~

A Feng Shui Profile contains the most energizing Colours and Shapes for your logo or website design, a Calendar with the best dates for Prosperity, Health, Travel, etc.as well as your most favourable Compass Directions for Prosperity, Career Enhancement, Relaxation etc. 
Partnership Profiles provide comparisons that are very helpful for assessing potential partnerships


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